This unique dictionary uses artificial intelligence to show linguistic relations of various words. It models the language on a spatial level, helping to recognize and easily learn linguistic features.
a classic workbook and the Neudice
Neudice is real infographics. Every word in its own context.

It is suitable for language schools, universities and schoolbooks. Available for any languages, including English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese.

As a student

‒ you can open the lessons, arrange the words and see the connections between them, open and see their details and the examples.

As a teacher

‒ you can use it in small group teaching, in frontal teaching with projector, in language laboratory or as a tool that facilitates with homework and practice;
‒ use it as an intuitive tool to present the new words;
‒ generate the printed version of the lessons;
‒ illustrate the “Let's see some synonyms for all of the verbs in this lesson” or “Look, how much vegetable Chinese names contain the grass element” type of sentences in seconds.

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