Article at Ponthu, blog of Hungarian as a Foreign Language Methodology Workshop 10 September 2018

On the stage
Searching the light

I will present Neudice at Millenáris - 1024 Bp., Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
2018 8th September, 11:00

Presentation. Source: Nyelvparádé facebook
Towards the light

Presentation at Millenáris, D csarnok - 1024 Bp., Kis Rókus u. 16-20.

- I can't teach them if some idioms contain the with the given verb, and some contain a in other cases. How can I present it?

Here's my answer.
It is not necessary to use the in this dictionary once

Preparing the presentation
Towards the light

Presentation at Damjanich János Gimnázium for language teachers 3-4 January 2017 14:30, Nagykáta

Video - The end of the presentation.

Millenáris, D csarnok - 1024 Bp., Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
2016.09.11. 15:00-15:50, Room A
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Balaton Múzeum, Ceremonial hall
First video – “If you open a workbook, after the text you will see words like ‘read – olvas, book – könyv’ and so on. In two column, in English and in Hungarian. The difference, and the essence of this dictionary is that in case of any linguistic connection among two words they will be near to each others.”

Second video – “I had discussed with a linguist colleague, he said that is the way they appear in the human brain. I said I know, but we can't say that! Because I must speak to people of human science, it frightens them. Terminology should not be like this.”

The castle is beautiful. Escaping from presentations is not.

Neudice at MMO 2016. Keszhely, Balatoni Múzeum. 3-4 June 2016

Photo: Nyelvparádé
Above Room A. Photo: Nyelvparádé

About 30 visitors in Room A – language teachers, translators and students. On the open savanna, not in the safe tower.

Questionnaire results: they think it is a suitable tool for language teaching – 4.66 (1-5). Most useful application as a textbook extension (58%), computer-assisted translation tool (41%), bilingual dictionary (33%), monolingual dictionary (25%) Thank you for the helpful answers and hints: yes, it works fine as collocation dictionary, too.

They are waiting for me. I'll start soon. September 12

Millenáris, D csarnok - 1024 Bp., Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
2015.09.12. 14:00-14:50, Room A
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I will present Neudice at Language Parade this year. This is the largest language teaching show in Hungary. Besides my UI/UX designer job at Morgan Stanley I'm focusing on it. February 9, 2015

You can show or hide the meanings by clicking on the Groups/Relations caption. See Tutorial for more. November 6

Presentation. I will introduce the new version. September 26

We are focusing on monolingual dictionaries now. July 2

Demo version. Presentation for the Department of Inner Asian Studies at ELTE, exhibition in Mongolia. April 4

Neudice Responsive has arrived. February 15, 2014

Compact Tutorial appears. If it will contain more than 6-7 pages, Neudice is not straight and clear enough. February 3

Europe Responsive beta version is online. More information
January 26, 2014
Something new is coming. December 7
Strategic partnership with Sűdy and Co. November 15
I'd like to introduce Kozma Dániel. He is my business partner and the leader of Namas Trade Kft. October 10

Researcher's Night interview photos. I'd like to thank Merényi Zita.
Live stream at 17.25.
Researchers' Night. I will present the application. September 27

X-Banner – 36$ investment

Ali Sadri, director of the Intel Mobile Wireless Group came to my stand, I presented Neudice to him. He liked it, and asked: “Why don't you advertise it?”

Hungarian Innovation TechShow offers an opportunity for innovative businesses to showcase their latest high-tech products and services to an audience of professionals, investors, representatives of the media, and the general public.” June 11
Presentation at Élményműhely. I would like to thank Stettner Eleonóra and Fenyvesi Kristóf. May 29
Article in the Oktatás-Informatika ‒ ELTE PPK ‒ review.
Presentation at the ELTE Gólyavár. February 27, 2013
Image from Researchers' Night video. I'd like to thank Kovács Emőd and the Líceum Television. November 28
Japanese version is available. October 23
Preparing for the weekend. September 24
Researchers' Night. I'm invited to present the application.

“‒ And look at this, this is what's really interesting about it. You just sit down in a park to check out the words, and you can't remember one of them. Then you don't have to dig up your dictionary...

‒ I am getting it. Absolutely.

‒ But wait. What I'm talking about is just a new thing...

‒ Yes... Aha! Very good. I like it very much. If you present to me like that, I am not suprised so much. Because it is so evident, you know. But this, this is really resourceful that you invented it. Really interesting.”

Interview with me by Bognár József, inventor, at PTE KTTK, Pécs. He just realizes the advantage of the two sided printing. July 25
English-Hungarian Dictionary. Similar engine, different appearance.
Let me introduce the mobile view. It's a kind of snapshot of a word group. Use it as an interactive exercise for the students. Optimized for touchscreen devices. Html5 compatible.
Easy Chinese ‒ Part II is available on Amazon. January 23, 2012
Debrecen University is a beautiful place. I presented the semantics analysis and the English-Hungarian version there.
I will present the program at Conference on Informatics in Higher Education 2011, Debrecen. There will be a surprise. on August 24-26
An MMO2011 photo by Szűcs Tibor
The 1st part and the 2nd part of the MMO2011 video. July 16
I will introduce the program at the MMO2011 Multimedia Conference, Csí­kszereda on July 8-9
Easy Chinese for Kindle is available on Amazon Bookstore. June 3
New version is finished. Colors changed, semantic analysis is working and loading time is much shorter now. April 14
Tea and coffee
Semantics analysis is coming. It will handle the words by their meanings. It will be available soon. March 14
A presentation for two groups of the ELTE Korean Department students. March 8
The New Technology Meetup presentation video with English subtitles. It was great to see 40-50 people as they raise up together the printed versions. February 5
I'm working on the Kindle version. January 23, 2011
A Meetup photo
The neudice.eu domain is working. December 29
The mobile version is working. You can use it on smartphones and tablets in the same way as the printed version. December 19
I will present the application at the New Technology Meetup. Budapest, VI. Ó utca 4, November 3. October 20
ELTE Korean Department starts to use the Korean version. I am happy. October 16
A small sketch on the table. Some new design elements. August 1
The mobile version for iPhone/iPad/Android will come. You can scroll, zoom, and simply tap for more information. July 26
I have time again to work on the dictionary. May 27, 2010
I would like to introduce the editor. You can create new lessons and add new words to them. November 4

I've been using the printed version for 7 months. I select a lesson with 25-50 words, add 50-60 words to them from the previous lessons, print it, go to a park, and I'm learning. If I want to check my knowledge, no dictionary, no moving eye ‒ I'll just turn my hand five degrees. November 3
China is beautiful. Especially Chengde. Back to work. October 30
Holiday. Coming soon. June 26
A reference to this application on plastik.hu, whitch is a well-known Hungarian information technology blog. June 21
Interesting, as the network arranges the words. Like the sheep. One of them wants to go to its friend ‒ both of them have same radical ‒, but some enemy sheep stand between them. So it walks slowly, and when there's enough place, it runs to its friend. Good to watch it. Good to watch it at first time. June 17
I realised, when I add the most used radicals to the program, it generates too big groups on the screen. So I offer not to use radicals which appear in more than 5% of the words, like mouth (14%), sun (7%), wood (6%) and vertical person (6%). I don't take into account the 子 (zi) and the 儿 (er) characters because of the same reason. June 16
Local version of this program uses Hanyu Jiaocheng 1-2 and Xinshi Yong Hanyu Keben 2-3 books. More than 1000 words ‒ and it works well. June 7
A small article about the program in Konfuciusz Krónika 2009/1.
June 6
Some information. I got the idea of this program at november 2008, the main elements of it had been finished by the end of winter. I made the printed form this spring. In this blog I'll write about the following things: How to use. Experiences. Opinions. Using the Editor. Making of. June 4
It's a small blog about this web application. It will be compact.
Gábor, June 1, 2009